Monday, September 14, 2015

Fall Is Here!

Guys! Fall is here! Oh Em Gee!

Fall is my absolute hands down favorite time of year.  I love sweaters and scarves and not having to wear a jacket but I can if I want to because I said so and I'm an adult so I make my own rules.

But my favorite part about fall? My absolute favorite part about fall?


It's the little things guys, the little things.


Sunday, September 6, 2015


I feel the need to apologize for being away so long.  Two months is a terribly long time to go missing and I have done a great job at hiding.

I have dealt with depression and anxiety for a while now, and when it flares up (even while on medication) I take some time and hide away and really think about what I need to do to get better.  That has involved beers, sleep (so much sleep), no makeup, big baggy clothing, red bull, and netflix. I was contemplating writing a post on mental illness but I think I'll wait a little bit so don't get upset guys.

I'm getting better everyday and have just started to get back into the swing of life (thanks to some amazing friends).

I'm looking into a new camera and some lighting *hello fall my old friend. I am looking into making blogging my part time job instead of my sometimes job so I can really have an outlet to the outside world.

Please just bear with me and I promise promise promise it will be more than worth it for you guys.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Oh Me Oh My

Well this past week has been quite a whirlwind (I say week even though its not Sunday because I work in retail and don't remember what constitutes a working week because my life revolves around my job). Lets see:

1. I re-instituted my no drinking rule and immediately went and got hella drunk.  Do I regret this? No. Why?

2. I reconnected with my best friend from back home after three years of not talking. Why? See 1.

3. My partner at work is in Atlanta for some super awesome training and I'm all alone at work.  Which means I work twice as hard to stay afloat while not cracking under the pressure.

4. I did crack under the pressure once already.  It involves terrible customer service from a rep. who's number I got from corporate and who I will never be speaking to again.  Because pride damnit.  She made me get upset and I hate getting upset at work.

5. Social life.  What is that? I've tried to have one but alas I'm too darn tired to leave my bed on my off days.

6. Diet (the dreaded EVIL word I dispise using).  I have drastically changed my diet to cut out alcohol (:Ahem: mostly), soda (completely) and unnecessary snackage. I have instead opted for granola, oats, fruits, lots of salads, and copious amounts of tea and sparkling water.  Oh, and Mac and Cheese, which is not good for me but goodness it tastes like heaven.

7. Blogging has taken me a while to get back into (hence this being my second post on this blog) but I'm really starting to wrap my head around it.  What I want to be, what I want to deliver, who I want to reach, things like that.  It's cathartic to be changing my life in such big ways after such a long time being so unhealthy and unahppy and out of sorts.

Anywhoo, that's been my week.  Hopefully I get a little more organized as things get back to normal around here, but then again, have I ever been organized or normal?

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Obligatory First Blog Post

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As I sit here drinking my coffee (black with no sugar if you care to know), I contemplate what I want this blog to mean.  Not only to me, but to all of you who have taken the time to pop by and say hello (or creep, that's okay too, I don't judge).  

I have four blogs in total and this blog baby is the odd one out.  I want this blog to be personal, funny, a little weird, but mainly me.  

Some proposed blog posts are

"To Pin or Pass"-A post all about one Pinterest task and if it is do-able, fun, enjoyable, or fail worthy. I do love me some pinterest so I'm sure this one will be fun.

"Weekly Update" - All about my week, what things I've done, what I don't suggest you do, and a general run down of what's running around up in my head.

"Operation Get Out Of The House" - Where I take you with me places that aren't my apartment because I desperately need to get the heck out of this house before I lose my marbles.  Other than to go to work I never leave the house so I think this will be a challenge, but also an eye opener.

"Meet and Greet" - Introductions to people/places in my life I want to share with you guys (hopefully in video form if I ever figure out how).

Other than that expect a running commentary of my brain, how I spend my time, some updates about my life, and things I need to get off my chest.  

Super excited to start this journey! Now only if the weather would cheer up so I could actually take some pictures...